Friday, June 23, 2017

About The Pro IT Series

The north-east Pro IT Series has been racing since the 2008 season with great success. In late 2007 Darrell Anthony, then Regional Executive (RE) and Race Chairman for the Northern New Jersey Region of the SCCA was tasked with the chore of adding a race group to the Lime Rock National. This was to provide a better financial footprint, in other words the region needed a little more income to ensure they didn't lose money from this event. What better way to add a group than to have the popular Improved Touring and Spec Miata groups have the chance to run at a National and to have a longer than usual race.

But wait, what about a series to assist our region and our sister regions in the area do the same thing? This is how the Pro IT Series in the north east came about.  Over the winter of 2007/2008 we sat around Driving Impressions office with Bob Zecca, held meetings with the NNJR & SJR Board of Trustees as well as the Jersey Racing Board and planned the series.

We needed a sponsor, who better that Bob's TeamDI brand to be the sponsor? No one. We needed a Series Steward, who better than Terry Hanushek? No one. The series was born and never looked back.

After a few years as the series grew we added Fidelity Power Systems as the main sponsor. Jim Slechta is President of Fidelity Power Systems and one of the main competitors running in ITS for Alien Force Racing.

From the beginning the reasoning behind this series was to allow our drivers to have more track time during the weekend. There is always an opportunity to 'double dip' and race in at least 2 races per weekend. This was also a way for the host region to collect an additional entry fee as well as provide the sponsors a showplace for their products.

The Pro IT management has never and does not receive any benefit besides seeing the racers have fun. If we are not having fun then we are doing it wrong. This is our series, make it what you want.


Touring Race Promotions is the official overseer of the Fidelity Power Systems Pro IT Series.

Terry Hanushek - Pro IT Chief Steward
Geoff Hall - Pro IT Operations Manager
Darrell Anthony - Pro IT Administrator

plus Pro IT Team Directors consisting of

AutoTechnic - Rob Driscoll

Flatout Motorsports - Nick Leverone

Locke Automotive - Jimmy Locke

Alien Force Racing - Jim Slechta

Maximum Attack Motorsports - Tom Smith


How does Pro IT work for the region?

  1. Additional entries means more entry fees.
  2. Allow your entries to double dip, this provides our club members more time to race. Track time is king!
  3. Allow our member to earn prize money from your event.

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