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TreadZone on board as Pro IT title sponsor

TreadZone has agreed with the Jersey Racing Board to come on as the series sponsor. Look for more news and details shortly.

2011 Round 6 at Watkins Glen

2011 Round 6 at Watkins Glen

TreadZone Pro IT Round 6 is in conjunction with the Last Chance regional and enduro races at the world famous Watkins Glen International.


Great event! Event story on the way!

Some questions?

Split starts for the ITR/S/A/B/C and SM.  Put the Spec Miatas behind the rest of the IT cars at the start, SM makes the majority of the fields so they deserve to be split? SM’s make their lap times in a very different way than the faster IT classes.  Because their speed is made late in the braking zone and into a turn – opposite of the bigger IT cars – it has the effect of artificially splitting both the IT race and SM race. What do you think?

Series sponsor announcement on the way.

Pro IT Round 3 Thunderbolt video!


2011 Round 4 at Watkins Glen

Pro IT Round 4 is in conjunction with the Glen Sprints at Watkins Glen International. Presented by the Glen Region.

Registration - (link)  

Track Test Day on Friday, qualifying Saturday, racing on Sunday morning.

Tire Support
TreadZone - Joe Specht - 866-208-6551 - Toyos, Hankook, and a lot more
NorthEast - Smarty - 518-819-9238 - Hoosiers

Friday - July 22 - Track Test Day
Saturday - June 23 - Pro IT Series Round 4 30 minute qualifying
Sunday - June 24 - Pro IT Series Round 4 45 minute race

NARRC and NYSRRC Regional races Saturday and Sunday

2011 Round 3 at NJMP Lightning

Pro IT Round 3 is in conjunction with the NJRRS Lightning Challenge at NJMP on Lightning Circuit. Presented by the Jersey Racing Board consisting of the Northern New Jersey and South Jersey Regions.

Registration -    Test Day on Friday, racing on Sunday.

Tire Support
TreadZone - Joe Specht - 866-208-6551 - Toyos, Hankook, and a lot more
NorthEast - Smarty - 518-819-9238 - Hoosiers

Friday - June 24 - Test Day
Saturday - June 25 - NJRRS Races
Sunday - June 26 - NJRRS Races and Pro IT Series Round 3

2011 Round 2 at NJMP Thunderbolt

Pro IT Round 2 is in conjunction with the NESCCA National at NJMP on Thunderbolt Circuit. Presented by the South Jersey Region.

Registration -    Test Day on Friday, racing on Sunday.

Tire Support
TreadZone - Joe Specht - 866-208-6551 - Toyos, Hankook, and a lot more
NorthEast - Smarty - 518-819-9238 - Hoosiers

Friday - June 3 - Jersey Devil Test Day
Saturday - June 4 - Jersey Devil NESCCA National
Sunday - June 5 - Jersey Devil NESCCA National and Pro IT Series Round 2

The Racing Game – Not just On Track

The racing game is played 50% off the track and not even in the paddock. It’s played in the shop on your computer and lots of times on eBay! It’s the preparation, time management, vendor management, money management, product purchases – the list goes on. That’s one of the reasons I love racing, you can play as much or as little as you want and that usually shows during the on track part of the game.

Read more: The Racing Game – Not just On Track

2011 News and Notes

2011 Schedule View Schedule Here


Our 2011 schedule has been delayed by the unexpected loss of two of our favored venues. Lime Rock Park and the regions that race there were unable to agree on a race date that would fit into the Northeast Division National schedule so there will be no SCCA National at Lime Rock in 2011. The schedules for the remaining SCCA dates at Lime Rock (two one day regionals and the NARRC Runoffs) are not compatible with our series. The New England Region has converted their traditional New Hampshire National to a combined Regional-National (Rational) event and the expanded schedule has insufficient time for a Pro IT race. We will miss these tracks this year but hopefully be able to return in 2012.

Read more: 2011 News and Notes

The Pro IT Series

The Pro IT Series was concieved in 2007 at the ARRC at Road Atlanta. Seeing what the Atlanta region was doing we knew we could do this up north. The Jersey Racing Board reasoning behind this series is to allow our drivers to have more track time during the weekend. There is always an oppurtunity to 'double dip' and race in at least 2 races per weekend.  This was also a way for the host region to collect an additional entry fee as well as provide the sponsors a showplace for their products. The Pro IT management does not receive any benefit besides seeing the racers have fun.

About the New Jersey Road Racing SeriesNew Jersey Road Racing Series

The New Jersey Road Racing Series is a series of regional races conducted by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Regions in New Jersey.

South Jersey RegionThe purpose of this series is to increase the exposure and the accomplishments of the competitors for greater recognition and visibility. The series also strengthens and helps preserve the SCCA Regional Racing Program in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. The season finale is the Jersey Road Racing Championship.

The Jersey Racing Board (JRB) is the official overseer of the NJRRSSM. The Northern New Jersey Region and South Jersey Region of the SCCA make up the JRB. All decisions of the NJRRS will be made by the JRB.Northern New Jersey Region


The NJRRSSM regional races and Pro IT Series races make up the series. Get involved with your series. We are doing this to have fun!

2010 Awards

The South Jersey Region will once again be hosting the Pro IT Awards on January 22 at NJMP Officers Club. This will be held in conjunction with the South Jersey Region (SJR) party, SJR Race, SJR Solo, SJR Rally and New Jersey Road Racing Series awards.

Registration is on

The 2009 party is still being talked about, don't miss having a great time in the middle of winter in New Jersey.

Are You Superstitious?

Well, are you?

The younger half of Dual Red Racing definitely is.

The father / son team of John Redden and John Redden III <ed note: affectionately known as ‘Johnny three sticks’, except when he’s on duty as a Millville detective carrying his gun, in which case use less affection and call him ‘Sir, yes sir’> wanted the experience of competing together in the August 14-15 double ProIT event run as the support races for NJMP’s big ARCA ReMax Series weekend. So we entered the #98 Mazda RX7 driven by John III and the #99 Mazda RX7 driven by me, dad. As we were setting up on Friday the 13th, John III remarked about how he was so glad we were not going to be on the track this day as he is very superstitious.

Dad, who is not so superstitious, laughed it off.

While setting up, John III jumped into dad’s car to move it and hit his head on the convex mirror shattering it in pieces. He immediately got upset as dad said ‘don’t worry about it, I have other mirrors’ and John Part 3 explained that he wasn’t worried about the mirror, but the omen of breaking a mirror on Friday 13th. Again dad laughed it off.

Later that night he called dad and expressed his concern about the Saturday event as he felt like this bad luck omen was haunting him. Dad again laughed it off and told him to stop being silly.

Race day began Saturday morning with the first session of the day as practice and let me assure you the omen continued. On the first session, third lap (1,3) the #99 car blew the transmission shifting on turn #13. As he limped the car to a safe place, the chicane before turn #3, car #98 spun off turn #3 for a hard impact into the tire wall. As we both sat idly through the session awaiting a cold track and tow services, neither knew of the other’s mishaps. Back at the paddock as we assessed the damage and strategized a way to get one workable car out of two broken cars, and began piecing together the series of mishaps.

Hours later with the help of pry bars, duct tape, and wire ties, the #98 car was ready to
race in the ProIT from the 40th position (did not qualify). However, John III refused to carry his omen back onto the track. He played off the broken finger he had from the previous impact as his excuse, but dad knows it is the superstitious omen that kept him out of the racecar.

So in the end the #98 car was re-numbered to #99 and dad took the wheel. After
successfully moving through traffic and advancing 15 positions in the first 20 minutes of the race, two spinouts on Turn 1 brought the aggressive efforts back to reality. Dad admits that the spins were pure rookie driver errors, but John III maintains a different perspective. Since the #13 seemed to negatively impact this event, we plan to work all week to get both cars ready for the Summer Thunder Regional.

This time, we hope that the numbers 1 and 3 will hover over them with a goal of finishing 1st and 3rd!

<Ed note: You’ll read in the results for Summer Thunder that father and son finished 7th and 8th. In the interest of family peace, we won’t discuss whether it was father and son on top, and we won’t mention which one met the inside tire wall in Turn 3 at this event! The father / son team of John Redden part 2 and John Redden part 3, and their friends and family, are just some of the great peopleyou get to know at our race weekends>

Pro IT Sponsors

Fidelity Power Systems

Fidelity Power Systems

Fidelity Power Systems is the premier provider of emergency power systems for the Mid Atlantic Region and one of the nation’s largest distributors of Kohler Emergency Power Systems. We offer a full line of emergency generators and automatic transfer switches for mission critical facilities; office complexes; industrial pumping stations; healthcare, biotech and telecommunications facilities, financial institutions and more. Our commitment doesn’t stop with delivering high performance products.

Fidelity’s award winning service department is staffed with factory trained service technicians schooled in the latest power system technologies. Let Fidelity be the single source provider for all of your emergency power needs, including new products; factory authorized service and emergency generator rentals.

2010 Pro IT Awards

The South Jersey Region will once again be hosting the Pro IT Awards on January 22 at NJMP Officers Club. This will be held in conjunction with the South Jersey Region (SJR) party, SJR Race, SJR Solo, SJR Rally and New Jersey Road Racing Series awards.

The 2009 party is still being talked about, don't miss having a great time in the middle of winter in New Jersey.

Registration is on

Are You Superstitious?

Well, are you?

The younger half of Dual Red Racing definitely is.

The father / son team of John Redden and John Redden III <ed note: affectionately known as ‘Johnny three sticks’, except when he’s on duty as a Millville detective carrying his gun, in which case use less affection and call him ‘Sir, yes sir’, wanted the experience of competing together in the August 14-15 double ProIT event run as the support races for NJMP’s big ARCA ReMax Series weekend. So we entered the #98 Mazda RX7 driven by John III and the #99 Mazda RX7 driven by me, dad.

Read more: Are You Superstitious?

2010 Pro IT Champions Crowned

The weekend of August 14-15 saw the culmination of the Pro IT Series' 2010 season with a pair of races at New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Jon Farbman, 2010 Pro-IT Series Spec Miata & overall points champion

Pro IT is proud to say that Jon Farbman driving for Flatout Motorsports wrapped up not2010-sm-jon-farbman.jpg only the Spec Miata points championship but the overall crown in the series!

Jon happily confesses that at age 67, he's the oldest regular in Pro IT. A top amateur 2010-sm-car.jpgdriver during the late 1960s, he took a four-decade (!) break from racing. His sabbatical from racing ended a few years ago when he joined the Spec Miata crowd in the northeast. Through seat time, coaching, talent and determination, Jon worked his way to the sharp end of the brutal SM field. The series congratulates Jon on the championship.



2010-its-carRobert Driscoll, 2010 Pro IT Series ITS Champion

Auto Technic co-owner Rob Driscoll finished his 2010 Pro-IT season 2010-its-rob-driscoll.jpgby sweeping the season finale at NJMP making for a perfect 6-0 season. "The Pro-IT series is an excellent series and I look forward to the 2011 season!"

Auto Technic provides race prep. service and trackside support throughout the Northeast specializing in BMWs  Check out our site for more information


Marc Cefalo, 2010 Pro IT Series ITA Champion

Pro IT is proud to announce the’s owner Marc Cefalo, ended the weekend with a pair of wins, a new track record and the ITA class championship! Well done Marc!2010-ita-car

Driving Planet Miata’s famous #00 sideways as much as possible, Marc had his hands full with a slick track but gave plenty of spectators something to talk about.  “I’m already looking forward to next season and meeting more great drivers that the PRO-IT series attracts.” Says the 33 year old who hails from West Pittston, Pennsylvania. is the #1 supplier of new, used and salvage Miata parts with over 40,000 square feet of warehouse storage and worldwide shipping.  Be sure to check us out at:


2010-itr-car.jpgRobert Nimkoff, 2010 Pro IT Series ITR 2010-itr-rob-nimkoff.jpgChampion

This is Rob's second season racing and he is happy to have progressed thanks to all the racers and officials who have really been a helpful and fun group. Rob will ski in the off season and will be excited to again hang out and race with all the fantastic people in the Pro IT Series.





2010-itb-car.jpg2010-itb-ken-hubbard.jpgKen Hubbard, 2010 Pro IT Series ITB Champion

Ken would like to thank all of the people whom give so much of them selves inorder for us to race in such a fantastic series.  He is looking forward to joining the ITR ranks in 2011.



Val Heun was our only ITC competitor for the seasn and did not complete the minimum number of races. To be eligible for the series championship a driver must acquire entry points in at least fifty percent (50%) of the races.

1 - Robert Driscoll - 560 pts
2 - Jeff Henderson - 490 pts
3 - Matt Rooke - 390 pts
4 - John Hainsworth - 225 pts
5 - Darrel Stein - 140 pts
6 - Bert Struble - 115 pts
7 - Jason Marx - 95 pts
8 - William Weaver - 75 pts

1 - Robert Nimkoff - 405 pts
2 - Robert Thiele - 395 pts
3 - Robert Breault - 385 pts
4 - Tyler Munroe - 300 pts
5 - Fred Fox - 260 pts
6 - Ben Phillips - 175 pts
7 - Nick Leverone - 125 pts
8 - John Stewart - 95 pts

1 -Marc Cefalo - 285 pts
2 - Tim Klvana - 195 pts
3 - Christian Chandler - 180 pts
4 - Douglas Case - 85 pts

1 - Kenneth Hubbard - 175 pts
2 - Chris Schmidt - 165 pts

1 - Jon Farbman - 635 pts
2 - Dennis Valet - 570 pts
3 - Zack Skolnick - 460 pts
4 - Mike Cefalo - 355 pts
5 - Nicole Cooper - 300 pts
6 - Kieth Mcdonnell - 285 pts
7- Nick Leverone -  245 pts
8 - Ronald Jesberger II - 225 pts
9 - Theresa Condict - 165 pts


BMW has always been at home on the racetrack with touring and sports cars. Success is in the genes of the cars from Munich. With appearances in the World Touring Car Championship, the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and selected 24-hour races, the company’s commitment is far from jaded. Private teams and drivers can purchase vehicles from the BMW Motorsport product range, with which to do battle for points and victories in a wide range of championships. Launched in the 1960s, the BMW Sports Trophy allows the brand to offer a special incentive for all those drivers on their own private missions with BMW sports cars. Entry is free of charge for BMW drivers, regardless of whether they are taking to the track in a BMW 320si WTCC or at the wheel of a BMW racing car set up under their own steam. This way, BMW Motorsport is supporting its customers on a broad level. 


Successful ambassadors for the brand.

“For me, this competition epitomises BMW's motorsport philosophy,” says Franz Engstler, who claimed his second overall victory in 2008. “The enormous interest in this competition reflects how successful teams and drivers can be with BMW racing cars. Whether – like me – in the World Touring Car Championship or in countless other championships: racing in a BMW is usually the first step towards the podium. In recent years, the BMW Sports Trophy has consistently grown in importance and become even more attractive. That shows how important customer racing is to BMW.” Engstler is a prime example of a successful BMW Sports Trophy participant: He raced in the Independents’ Trophy in the World Touring Car Championship, where he went up against BMW works drivers in their BMW 320si WTCCs. The fact that Engstler finished in the points on several occasions just goes to show that BMW customer racing cars can compete at the highest level. The range of racing series, in which privateers can score points towards the BMW Sports Trophy is impressive: the list currently includes more than 30 series around the world, at which BMW models specially homologated for the respective series are able to pick up points for the BMW Sports Trophy rankings. As well as the World Touring Car Championship, these include national touring car championships – such as in Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain - as well as the 24-hour classics at the Nürburgring and in Spa-Francorchamps. BMW privateers also fly the company flag and add to their BMW Sports Trophy points tally in the VLN Endurance Championship at the Nürburgring and in the FIA European Hill-Climb Championship.

Enthusiastic entrants from all corners of the world.

With 198 registered privateers, the 2009 BMW Sports Trophy achieved the highest number of entrants ever recorded in over 40 years of the competition's history. And the level of success shows no sign of diminishing: This season, for the first time, over 200 drivers from more than 20 countries will compete for a share in the total prize purse of 250,000 Euros. For Mario Theissen, the performance of private BMW teams around the world cannot be underestimated. “I have great respect for the teams and drivers who compete in the most diverse classes around the world, without works support,” says the BMW Motorsport Director. “They are the best ambassadors for the performance of our cars.”

More than just a thrilling competition.


Taking part in the BMW Sports Trophy is not only attractive for drivers like Engstler who have a good chance of picking up the overall victory. Participation comes with many benefits. For example, BMW Sports Trophy entrants receive additional participant insurance, which covers accidents at all official race events that count towards the BMW Sports Trophy standings. As well as the greatly anticipated “Welcome Package” received after successfully registering for the BMW Sports Trophy, participants can also look forward to the range of attractive cooperations that BMW Motorsport is constantly expanding within its customer racing programme. Castrol offers special conditions on its products, as do Recaro, Dunlop, Schmidt Design and many other partner companies. “What is almost even more attractive, however, is that the Sports Trophy allows you to be part of the BMW family,” explains Robert Thiele, who has enjoyed success with a BMW 328i in various American racing series, such as the TeamDI Pro IT. “We feel a close association with BMW, and wave the flag for our brand with just as proudly as the pros each race weekend. It is good that a company like BMW also makes such an effort for mass sport. I feel I am in the best hands in the BMW Sports Trophy, particularly as we are working to a limited budget. The BMW Sports Trophy gives us access to the right contact partners, as well as the BMW Motorsport know-how and network. The special reductions for participants also help keep our costs affordable."


You can find more information on the BMW Sports Trophy online at:

Rounds 6 & 7 - Open

Pro IT Series Round 6 and 7 in conjunction with ARCA

Registration is open on DLB Racing

Log in then use the links

Show: South Jersey Region SCCA

Upcoming Events: August '10

Sanction Number - 10-R-1236-S

Download -

Register -

Entry List -

Volunteer -

Volunteers -

Sanction Number - 10-R-1236-S


Friday 13 August 2010

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Registration at NJMP Registration Center

6:15 PM - 9:15 PM Technical Inspection in Pro IT paddock


Saturday 14 August 2010

7:00 AM - 10:00 AM Registration at NJMP Registration Center

7:15 AM - 9:00 AM Tech Inspection in Pro IT paddock

9:10 AM - 9:55 AM Pro IT Practice by Group

Support Practice / Qualify (Sat)

10:35 AM - 11:05 AM Pro IT Qualifying

ARCA RE/MAX Practice

12:45 PM - 1:35 PM Lunch ARCA RE/MAX Practice

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM Pro IT Round 6

Support Race (Sat)

ARCA RE/MAX Pole Qualifying


Sunday 15 August 2010

7:30 AM - 9:00 AM Registration at NJMP Registration Center

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Pro IT Practice by Group Support Practice (Sun)

10:25 AM - 10:55 AM Pro IT Qualifying Support Race (Sun)

11:55 AM - 1:00 PM Lunch


3:50 PM - 4:35 PM Pro IT Round 7


2010 Round 3 - NJMP

The Pro IT series hit New Jersey Motorsports Park on June 6th in Millville, NJ. Round three included a full field of over 30 drivers ready to take to the track and battle for class and overall win. The Pro IT race format included optional participation in the Jersey Devil National allowing drivers to double dip in the SM and STU class while still participating in the Pro IT. Qualifying for Pro IT was Sunday morning and the race was right after lunch on Sunday afternoon. 

It was hot – no doubt about it. When I got out of the car for qualifying I just about had to take a knee during the drivers meeting. Fortunately there was plenty of cold water on hand and several of us stood there downing glass after glass. The qualifying sessions ran smoothly with no full course cautions and a strong number of spectators taking in the great field cars and drivers. The first seven qualifiers were separated only tenths of a second – all in the 1:34 range with the top ten drivers all under 1:37. This was going to be a hard fought race!

Following lunch the cars gridded up to race with much anticipation. Matt Rooke of RidgeSpeed Racing was on the pole and he brought the field to the green flag in a nice, tight formation. At the green I was able to take the lead with the greater torque of my ITR Porsche 968 and it was a dogfight going into turn 1 with many drivers fighting for position. From what I understand there was no major contact and the race was on! From all accounts the race was a highlight to watch with many changes in position across all of the classes. Joe Diminno was duking it out with Marc Cefalo in ITA, Matt Rooke, Rob Driscoll and Jeff Henderson were swapping positions in ITS, SM had a nice battle going on with Nick Leverone, Jon Farbman and Dennis Valet battling for the front spots, Chris Schmidt was our sole ITB driver and a nice battle in ITR with Dr. Robert Breault, Fred Fox and Rob Thiele and your race reporter.

Several top competitors had to drop out due to overheating issues including pole sitter Matt Rooke and drivers Eric King and Rob Thiele.

The highlight of the race was the last two laps where Rob Breault was able to run me down with two laps to go. I hadn’t seen him reeling me in and he was able to pull ahead on the front straight, totally taking me by surprise. I was able to reel him back in at the 'Devil' and was on his bumper for the pass going under the white flag and one lap to go. We both battled for the lead going into turn one and then Rob was held up by a lap car leading onto the back straightaway. I was able to pull alongside him going into the kink and we both made contact at high speed. I was on the inside, he was on the outside. Both cars sustained damage but we were able to continue. Apparently it was quite a show with some major sideways action and tons of tire smoke. Both cars recovered and I started watching my mirrors as the ITR BMW of Brealt was on my tail. (As competitors we are still debating that contact!) My son Christian said afterwards, “That was way cooler than any NASCAR race!”

Unfortunately I spent too much time driving in my mirrors and missed my brake point going into the 'Devil,' drove wide into the grass allowing Breault to retake the lead with Rob Driscoll in his ITS BMW to take second overall. This was on the last lap and boy was there some colorful language on my in-car video! In hindsight while the race had been mine to win, Breault made an incredible run through the field. He came from sixth qualifying position to run me down. I am mad at myself for my last lap error but respect the drive of Breault to win it. Been a tough season so far with some great opportunities but no W’s on the board yet – but hey, we are only halfway through the season with more great tracks to visit and great guys and gals to race against!

Round 5 - WGI

Registration for round 5 of the 2010 Pro IT Series is open on

Sanction Number - 10-R-1167-S (IT)

Date - 7/24-25/2010


Number of Entries

Round 4 Cancelled

The June 26-27, 2010 round of the Pro IT Series has been cancelled due to lack of entries. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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